Wireless Surgical Navigation

Team Members: Saransh Sharma, Azita Emami

In our groundbreaking project, we have successfully developed a state-of-the-art radiation-free system specifically designed to enhance the accuracy and safety of various precision surgical procedures. This innovative system is engineered for high-precision alignment, navigation, and tracking of both sensors and surgical tools, offering a revolutionary alternative to traditional methods.

Central to our system is the generation of 3D magnetic field gradients within a designated field-of-view. This sophisticated technique ensures that each point in space is associated with a distinct magnetic field value, creating a detailed and dynamic map of the surgical area. We have meticulously designed and constructed highly miniaturized devices that are both wireless and battery-less. These advanced devices possess the capability to measure their local magnetic field accurately, thereby enabling them to detect and respond to the gradient field.

A key feature of our system is its dual-device setup. One device can be seamlessly attached to an implant within the patient’s body, while another device can be affixed to a surgical tool. This dual functionality allows both devices to simultaneously measure and relay information about the magnetic field at their respective locations to an external display receiver. This real-time communication ensures continuous and precise monitoring during surgery.

Our system has undergone extensive testing, demonstrating an exceptional level of localization accuracy, with measurements achieving less than 100μm in 3D. This level of precision is among the highest reported in the field and represents a significant leap forward in surgical navigation technology.

One of the most significant benefits of our system is its ability to replace the harmful ionizing X-ray radiation traditionally used in precision surgeries. By eliminating the need for X-ray radiation for tracking surgical tools and implants, our system not only enhances the safety of the procedures but also reduces the potential health risks to both patients and medical staff.

Our radiation-free system for surgical alignment, navigation, and tracking represents a transformative development in medical technology. Its unparalleled precision, coupled with its radiation-free nature, positions it as an invaluable tool in the realm of precision surgeries. This advancement not only promises to improve surgical outcomes but also sets a new standard in patient care, emphasizing safety, accuracy, and innovation.



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