Team members: Saransh Sharma, Grace Ding, Aditya Telikicherla and Nikhil Phoole in collaboration with Shapiro Lab at Caltech

A 3D localization system using magnetic field gradients that can replace X-Ray fluoroscopy in high precision surgery has been developed by our team. Monotonically varying magnetic fields encode spatial points uniquely in the field-of-view and are sensed by miniaturized devices with wireless power and data telemetry. Relative device locations are displayed in real-time. A prototype system consisting of a 65nm CMOS chip and gradient coils achieves a localization error of <100µm in 3D when tested in-vitro. This work has been selected for publication at IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) 2020. We will be demonstrating the complete localization system at ISSCC in February 2020.