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Smart-Pill Tracking in the Gut

Team Members: Saransh Sharma, Khalil B. Ramadi, Nikhil H. Poole, Shriya S. Srinivasan, Keiko Ishida, Johannes Kuosmanen, Josh Jenkins, Fatemeh Aghlmand, Margaret B. Swift, Mikhail G. Shapiro, Giovanni Traverso, Azita Emami The advancement in medical technology has led to the development of innovative diagnostic and treatment methods for gastrointestinal (GI) disorders. A key area of […]

Wireless Surgical Navigation

Team Members: Saransh Sharma, Azita Emami In our groundbreaking project, we have successfully developed a state-of-the-art radiation-free system specifically designed to enhance the accuracy and safety of various precision surgical procedures. This innovative system is engineered for high-precision alignment, navigation, and tracking of both sensors and surgical tools, offering a revolutionary alternative to traditional methods. […]

3D CMOS Magnetic Sensor

Team Members: Saransh Sharma The 3D CMOS Magnetic Sensor represents a significant advancement in the field of magnetic sensing, which is integral to a wide array of applications across various industries, including automotive, navigation, medical electronics, and consumer products. Traditional Hall sensors, though compatible with CMOS technology, often grapple with issues such as subpar sensitivity […]

CMOS Fluorescence Sensor

Team Members: Fatima Aghlmand, Saransh Sharma The development of a novel “Cell-Silicon” system, which fuses silicon chip technology with live bacterial biosensors, presents groundbreaking possibilities in the realms of smart medicine and environmental monitoring. This integrated approach aims to harness the unique capabilities of both silicon-based and biological sensing elements, thereby opening the door to […]

Wearable Biosensor for Fatigue Monitoring

Team Members: Saransh Sharma To effectively monitor the health and performance of military personnel under challenging conditions such as extreme weather, resource scarcity, unsanitary environments, and exposure to exotic diseases, we propose the development of an advanced wearable biosensor patch. This innovative device is designed to continuously track a comprehensive range of biomarkers directly from […]